About the Artist

Ferydoun ("Fred") Mahinfarahmand came from a family of Russion refugees to Tehran, Iran following the Russian Revolution. Fred began working with his father doing woodworking at the age of five. Fred continued working with his father doing custom woodworking while he was growing up. He completed a technical school where he learned and refined his existing knowledge of numerous skills. Following the revolution in Iran, Fred immigrated to the United States. He settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he has been since 1988.

Once in Albuquerque Fred worked for approximately three years in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of New Mexico building robotic prototypes. Following this experience Fred served as wood/model shop supervisor at UNM's School of Archetecture and Planning for ten years. During this period his primary duty was supervising and instructing students in the building of archetectural study models, woodworking techniques, and the use of the machinery necessary to complete their tasks.

Fred's most recent endeavor is the opening of his gallery containing his unique and intriguing creations that he terms "sketch sculpture." His pieces are crafted using bamboo as the characteristic material. Additional materials are lights, copper, brass, steel, rope and a variety of other material used to enhance the sculptures and create the desired effect. A visit to the gallery and Fred's shop provides an unforgettable visual and artistic experience.

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